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The Culture of Shared Learning

Our Shared Learning group is unique in that every member is a student who pursues his or her special interests. It is an organization that is both flexible and creative. Because our members have varied backgrounds and diverse experiences, each has something important and special to offer. Therefore, the only criterion for moderating a course in our Shared Learning environment is an abiding interest in the subject and a sustained curiosity. Consider how our courses are generated from the stated interests of members who fill out questionnaires. Consider, too, how flexible and unconstrained we are in determining how these courses are taught: we may, for instance, have team teaching, or members of a class taking turns moderating discussions; we may have a traditional lecture class, or video or DVD courses already structured by university professors.

All we need is someone with an interest – not necessarily expertise – in one area of knowledge to moderate a group with similar interests. Please consider taking one of our classes or volunteering as a moderator. All of us will benefit from your involvement. For further information about our course offerings please contact: Sheldon Becker (919 - 619 - 0223)
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