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Baubles, Bangles and Beads  Moderator:  Nancy Goudreau (703-329-2933,
What jewelry or art pieces can you make with baubles, bangles and beads? Whether new to
crafting or experienced, join our creative sessions, where you can share ideas with other crafters
and discover and/or use your talents. We will give advice about essential tools and materials to purchase
and design principles to consider.  Plus, we will help you repair any pieces that you want to live again,
as is, or in different incarnations.  To begin, just bring what materials and tools you already own.
NOTE: Enrollment is limited to seven people.                       

Death, Dying and Beyond - As Viewed across World Cultures  Moderator: Kathy Kling  ( 919-402-1609,
DEATH:  Attitudes and practices across world cultures. Life, philosophy, literature,history, science , art. -
all touch on death.  As our mortality moves forward, we will look at how disparate societies view the
inevitable with DVDs experts, guest speakers and our own experiences, beliefs and hopes.

Episodes From The History of Jazz  Moderator: Nancy Goudreau (703-329-2933,
Whether curious or hip, you may still want to learn about the history of jazz and its innovations and innovators.
This course should amply suffic.  Directed by Ken Burns, the 2000 PBS series of 90 minute documentaries traces
jazz development.  In this term, we will cover Episodes 1- 3 or 4 … from its New Orleans origins to early
1930's 'swing.'  (The series will continue in the fall 2017 term.)  The series is loaded with: full musical
excerpts, information/photos of historical/ social context,  profiles of musicians/composers, and
insightful comments from those who know.  In order of musical era, we will play about 45 minutes
from one documentary and complete its showing during our next meeting. Thus, per session,
we'll be able to spend time: expressing our reactions to lectures, adding our own info, sharing our own
recordings/references, and listening to selections from our personal collections.
(A fine reference book to own, if you have none, is Jazz: A History of America's Music,
Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns, 2005, 489 pp. Amazon, $15)

Earth – The Biography  Moderator: Rosalinde Milazzo (919-942-6716,
In this landmark BBC Series, Dr. Iain Stewart tells the story of how our planet works and
how, over the course of 4.6 billion years, it came to be the remarkable planet it is today. We will
examine the great forces that shape the earth – volcanoes, the ocean, the atmosphere and ice.
This series shows the earth in a new and surprising way with beautifully done photography and dramatic visuals.

Turning Points in the History of the Middle East – Part B   Moderator: Bisharah Libbus (Cell: 919-771-6567,
While this is a continuation of the Spring 2017 course, previous enrollment in Part A is not a prerequisite.
This Great Courses lecture series by Professor Eamonn Gearon, Johns Hopkins University, covers events,
historic eras and leaders from the early 7th to the early 20th centuries.   Lecture and discussion
topics include:  the spread of Islam; the establishment of the Muslim/Arab empire that extended
from Andalusia to India and China; education and learning; relations with Europe, women and
minorities; and the breakup of the Middle East after the First World War.   Lectures will be
supplemented with additional materials, and ample time will be given for class discussion.         

Travel Photography  Moderator: Glenn Wrighton (919-929-3406,
This is a three session course using the Great Courses “The Art of Travel Photography: 6 Expert Lessons”.
The DVD instructor is Joel Sartore, renown National Geographics photographer.
There will be an opportunity to share travel photos you have taken.

Views on the News  Moderators: Alice Parsons (919-642-0606, and Gordon Taylor (919-545-0686,
We will use an informal round table setting to discuss current foreign and domestic issues as offered
by the discussion leader of the week.  Participants are encouraged to lead.  The only
prerequisite is a keen interest in current events plus an enjoyment in exchanging ideas.
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