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Deadline for Fall Registration is September 4.   Classes begin the week of September 11.


Below, circle or check your course choice(s).   If you are a couple, use initials to indicate who is taking which course.     Please complete and return this form to Hank Becker, 1114 Phils Ridge Rd, Chapel Hill, NC  27516.     Our membership fee is $60.00 per person, per year.     Payment of your fee entitles you to take as many courses as you wish throughout the year.   REMEMBER:   with this form, include your $60 check (per registrant) for the 2017-2018 year, made out to Shared Learning Association.

If you have questions about your choice(s), please contact the Moderator(s) directly.

1) Book Club9) How to Draw, II
21) Selected Play Readings & Discussions
2) Controversies in the World
10) Intro to Paleontology
17) Shakespeare's Romance CANCELLED and
replaced by 21)
3) Early Classic Brit. Literature
11) Modern American Essays
18) Short Stories
4) Episodes from History of Jazz

12) The Movie Experience
19) Spanish, Intermediate

5) From Monet to Van Gogh
13) Music as a Mirror of History

20) Views on the News
6) Geological Wonders in Parks
14) Personal History

7) History & Achievements of the Islamic Age

15) The Science of Extreme Weather
NOTE: No registration is needed to attend:
8) How the Earth Works
16) The Science of Self
**Let's Go To The Movies.
**Gray Lindgren Lectures
MEMBERSHIP  PROFILE  (for one or two people):    Note that a previous member only needs to indicate his/her email and home address or phone, if these have changed from last fall.

Name (1) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Name (2) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

E-mail for (1) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

E-mail for (2), if different ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Number of years a SL member? ________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone for (1) [circle Home or Cell] ______________________________________________________________________________________

Phone for (2) [Cell] ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Can you help with parties?  Yes _______ Maybe _______  Would you like to serve as a Course Moderator?  Yes________ Maybe _________

Suggestions for future courses or formats: ________________________________________________________________________________
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